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September 18, 2010
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10 Favourite Films by PoisonRemedy 10 Favourite Films by PoisonRemedy
From the original template by *killersandy

Saw these knocking around and had to do one so much.

Beginning from the top:

Return of the Living Dead Part 2:

Quite simply my favourite film of all time. This never fails to cheer me up, make me laugh, make me intermittently go 'eeeewww' and generally force me to have a damn good time regardless of my mood. I can always watch Return of the Living Dead regardless of how I feel and know I'll feel better for it. Whether it's Mitch Pileggi (Skinner in the X Files) in an early role as a loony military sergeant, zombies deciding to do aerobics or very stupid 80s chicks making VERY stupid decisions in the name of love, this is the best zombie movie I've seen and certainly the funniest.

The rest of 'em, left to right, top to bottom, no particular order of greatness:

King of New York:

I love Christopher Walken. This is easily his best movie for me, and also my favourite gangster/crime thriller out of all of them. Fast paced, gritty and violent with a really really fuzzy line between good and bad, this is a hardcore in your face movie where 90% of the time, the cops are even bigger dicks than the gangsters. Just love this movie to bits. Especially love the scene where Walken invites rival gangsters to help him put the city right while shooting his rival repeatedly to punctuate his sentences. You're...BLAM...all...BLAM...WELCOME!

X Cross:

In the 'gonzo japanese action horror flick mashup' genre, it was a toss-up between this and Geisha Assassin, and X Cross won as the movie I'd put on this hands down. Why? Chainsaw vs Giant Sheers duel? Check. Indestructible psycho-ex-girlfriend from hell? Check. Death duel with a pair of scissors in a public bathroom? Check. Main character flipped upside down at one point in a portapotty? Check. Entire cult of crippled leg-stealing cultists trying to chase down a Land Rover? Check.

Pure comedy horror gold this movie. Check it out now.

Transformers The Movie:


...'nuff said. Moving on.

Deep Red/Profondo Rosso:

One of the best whodunnits I've seen. And I grew up with my mum, who is obsessed with whodunnits so I've seen my fair share. Keeps you guessing right until the last epic scenes. Trippy, spooky and horrific without being tasteless or OTT, with really inventive murders that seem almost like dreams at times without going fully into making no sense like Argento's later Suspiria.


This and TF The Movie are totally my nostalgia trips. Labyrinth is the first movie I remember watching with my parents that had real people in it, and I find it wonderful even now all the lovely little touches and the Henson creatures. I genuinely love this film in a totally non-ironic fashion, not just because it's got Bowie in it or it's become hip these days. It's something I remember vividly as a really great time in my childhood and love revisiting.


Damn. What a head trip. Akira totally changed my world when I saw it. It was a cartoon and yet it was bigger and more ambitious and louder and more epic and more intelligent than any real-live action movie I'd ever seen in my entire life. I'm not entirely sure I understood it completely until I watched it a second time, but I thank my parents so much that they let me buy this on video when I was much younger than I was supposed to be to watch it because it just shaped so much of how I approach drawing and storytelling. I cannot imagine what my imagination would be like if Akira hadn't landed in it.

Maniac Cop:

The original Maniac Cop ought to be hailed as one of the most exciting and well written horror-thrillers of it's generation. Unfortunately, it came out at a time when the slasher thriller genre was filled to bursting, so no-one seemed to pick up on it's sharp, witty mix of hardcore slasher movie and sarcastic, sharp-minded police procedural. The movie has a multi-layered antagonist in the titular Maniac Cop, Matt Cordell, who is effectively avenging a very real tragedy and moral betrayal, and a great double team of lead characters with Bruce Campbell and Larene Landon as cops dragged into Cordell's mad mission to avenge his death from beyond the grave. WATCH THIS IT RULES! ^w^

Halloween (John Carpenter 1978):

Intensely creepy without resorting to cheap scares, and extremely atmospheric despite a miniscule budget, this is easily the best slasher movie ever made. Jamie Lee Curtis is fantastic as likeable teen Laurie Strode, Donald Pleasance is genius as the unflappable and ever so slightly doolally Dr Loomis, and Micheal Myers is at his most implacable murderous best in this first instalment. Despite the fact that I have now seen this film nearly 12 times or so round, it still grips me and I still love it to bits.


Indie brit horror with a really really strong cast, tension you could cut with a knife and a great concept, making it easily my favourite straight serious zombie flick. A team of international mercenaries secure a bunker for a rich corporation, only to discover that the bunker also happens to be the final resting place for a particularly brutal unit of undead, dimension hopping Nazi storm troopers. Hilarity ensues. Brutal, scary as hell and with a really good, blackly funny script, Outpost is one of my favourite recent horrors hands down and well worth checking out for any horror or zombie fan.

Honorable mentions: Tale of Two Sisters, Ring, A Bittersweet Life, Training Day, Ghost in the Shell, Sleepy Hollow, Smokey and the Bandit, Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood, Dawn of the Dead (70s), Armitage: Dual Matrix, Tron, Death Race, Aliens, Robocop, The Thing, Nighthawks, Big Trouble in Little China, The Naked Gun 2 1/2, The Blues Brothers, Blade Runner, Last Action Hero, Hard Boiled, Bullet in the Head, A Better Tomorrow, She Shoots Straight, Police Assassins, Police Story...I'll shut up now, this could get tedious. I loves mah movies.
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I haven't seen the others, just heard about them

But I have seen Maniac Cop and John Carpenter's Halloween

They're both great

Also if you're a fan of Maniac Cop you should check out the sequels
Number 2's pretty good too, same with the 3rd one, just not as good
Reduxist Dec 24, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Profondo Rosso!
God, the camera was trippy!
Yeah, especially when he goes to the family house in the latter half of the movie. Tenebre is even better/trippier, though the movie and the story aren't half as good.
Reduxist Dec 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Soundtrack is excellent, too!
NailoSyanodel Sep 21, 2010  Student Artisan Crafter
Halloween! Such a classic! =D
YEAH! XD The original is so much better than the remake. I love the second movie too, like apparently Carpenter wrote that in one night all in a row, drunk with no sleep. It's insane XDD
NailoSyanodel Sep 21, 2010  Student Artisan Crafter
lol Really? I didn't know that! That's awesome! lol XD
XD. I love the way all the first set of Halloweens follow each other pretty closely. Aside from Halloween 3 which makes no bloody sense what with no Michael Myers and all those creepy Halloween Deathmask things that eat kids faces. It's not a bad movie...but it's bloody weird and it always felt like a rip that it wasn't even a sequel.

But all those 70s 80s horror series make me real happy, like Halloween, Hellraiser, Fri 13th, Phantasm etc ^^
NailoSyanodel Sep 21, 2010  Student Artisan Crafter
Right there with you for the old school horror movies! Nothin' like it! It's just not the same anymore nowadays...Love me some old zombie movies too! =D
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